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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Firewall Management With FireWall Synthesizer 1-gen-2018 Bodei, Chiara; Degano, Pierpaolo; Focardi, Riccardo; Galletta, Letterio; Tempesta, Mauro; Veronese, Lorenzo
Firm Heterogeneity: do export destinations and import origins matter? 1-gen-2008 Serti, F
Firm performance in networks: The interplay between firm centrality and corporate group size 1-gen-2019 Riccaboni, Massimo; Wang, Xu; Zhu, Zhen
Firms in International Trade: Importers and Exporters Heterogeneity in the Italian Manufacturing Industry 1-gen-2010 Castellani, D; Serti, F; C., Tomasi
Firms, families, and local economy: how luxury yacht firms are surviving Covid-19 1-gen-2021 Zare, Shahab; Patuelli, Alessia; Lattanzi, Nicola
Firms’ absorptive capacity and industrial cluster dynamics: an application of Boolean networks 1-gen-2011 Biggiero, L; Mastrogiorgio, A
Firms’ challenges and social responsibilities during Covid-19: A Twitter analysis 1-gen-2021 Patuelli, Alessia; Caldarelli, Guido; Lattanzi, Nicola; Saracco, Fabio
The First Norman Cathedral in Palermo. Robert Guiscard's Church of the Most Holy Mother of God 1-gen-2018 Longo, Ruggero; Johns, Jeremy
Fitness model for the Italian interbank money market 1-gen-2006 De Masi, G; Iori, G; Caldarelli, G
Fitness-dependent topological properties of the World Trade Web 1-gen-2004 Garlaschelli, D; M. I., Loffredo
Fitting Jump Models 1-gen-2018 Bemporad, A.; Breschi, V.; Piga, D.; Boyd, S.
Fixed scale transformation approach for born model of fractures 1-gen-1995 Caldarelli, G; Vespignani, A
Fixed-Point Computation of Equilibria in Biochemical Regulatory Networks 1-gen-2019 Pérez Verona, Isabel Cristina; Tribastone, M.; Tschaikowski, M.
Fixed-point constrained model predictive control of spacecraft attitude 1-gen-2015 Guiggiani, A; Kolmanovsky, I. V.; Patrinos, P; Bemporad, A
Fixed-point dual gradient projection for embedded model predictive control 1-gen-2013 Patrinos, P; Guiggiani, A; Bemporad, A
Fixed-point implementation of a proximal Newton method for embedded model predictive control 1-gen-2014 Guiggiani, A; Patrinos, P; Bemporad, A
Flaw-tolerance of nonlocal discrete systems and interpretation according to network theory 1-gen-2014 Infuso, A; Paggi, M
FLEX: A flexible code authentication framework for delegating mobile app customization 1-gen-2016 Costa, Gabriele; Gasti, Paolo; Merlo, Alessio; Yu, Shunt-Hsi
A flexible SNP genotyping system to study allelic determinants of brain function 1-gen-2007 Iacopetti, P; Tarantino, I; Cozza, A; Santi, S; Savarino, G; Fogli, S; Pietrini, P
Mostrati risultati da 1.570 a 1.589 di 4.474
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