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Exporters, Importers and Two-way Traders: The Links Between Internationalization, Skills and Wages 1-gen-2008 Serti, F; TOMASI C., AND ZANFEI A
Firm Heterogeneity: do export destinations and import origins matter? 1-gen-2008 Serti, F
Self Selection and Post-Entry effects of Exports. Evidence from Italian Manufacturing firms 1-gen-2008 Serti, Francesco; Tomasi, C
Understanding Cross-Country Differences in Exporter Premia: Comparable Evidence for 14 Countries 1-gen-2008 Wagner, J; Pertl, L; Schiavo, S; Muuls, M; Pisu, M; Alvarez, R; Jaramillo, P; Lopez, Ra; van Biesebroeck, J; Brandt, L; Zhang, Y; Fernandes, Am; Isgut, A; Jørgensen, R; Kaiser, U; Bellone, F; Jabbour, L; Musso, P; Nesta, L; Fryges, H; Wagner, J; Castellani, D; Serti, F; Tomasi, C; Zanfei, A; Ruane, F; Damijan, Jp; Kostevc, C; Polanec, S; Fariñas, Jc; Máñez, Ja; Martin, A; Rochina, Me; Sanchis, Ja; Andersson, M; Johansson, S; Greenaway, D; Kneller, R
The Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Costs of Job Displacement. The Risky Job of Getting Back to Work 1-gen-2010 Roberto, Leombruni; Tiziano, Razzolini; Serti, F
Who Trades with Whom? Exploring the Links between Firms’ International Activities, Skills, and Wages 1-gen-2010 Serti, F; Tomasi, C; Zanfei, A
Firms in International Trade: Importers and Exporters Heterogeneity in the Italian Manufacturing Industry 1-gen-2010 Castellani, D; Serti, F; C., Tomasi
Self selection among different export markets 1-gen-2012 Serti, F; Tomasi, C
The pecuniary and non-pecuniary costs of job displacement — The risky job of being back to work 1-gen-2013 Roberto, Leombruni; Tiziano, Razzolini; Serti, F
Export and import market-specific characteristics How they drive the decision to trade and how much 1-gen-2014 Serti, F; Chiara, Tomasi
The Hidden Cost of Labor Market Entry During Recession: Unemployment Rate at Entry and Occupational Injury Risk of Young Workers 1-gen-2015 Serti, Francesco
Macroeconomic Conditions at Entry and Injury Risk at the Workplace 1-gen-2017 Leombruni, R; Razzolini, T; Serti, F
Does “Network Closure” Beef up Import Premium? 1-gen-2018 Muscillo, Alessio; Pin, Paolo; Razzolini, Tiziano; Serti, Francesco
Nuevos Importadores y externalidades de información en la red de producciñon domñestica 1-gen-2019 Huremovic, Kenan; Serti, Francesco; Fernando, Vega Redondo
The economic cost of a referendum. The case of Brexit 1-gen-2020 Ortiz Gimenez, Victor; Serti, Francesco
Water-in-food, Conflicts and Refugee Movements: A Comprehensive Analysis. 1-gen-2020 Metulini, Rodolfo; Riccaboni, Massimo; Serti, Francesco
The role of the gravity forces on firms’ trade 1-gen-2020 Navas, Antonio; Serti, Francesco; Tomasi, Chiara
Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Trade: a Machine Learning Counterfactual Analysis 1-gen-2021 Dueñas, Marco; Ortiz Gimenez, Victor; Riccaboni, Massimo; Serti, Francesco
Workplace Skills as Regional Capabilities: Relatedness, Complexity and Industrial Diversification of Regions 1-gen-2022 Buyukyazici, Duygu; Mazzoni, Leonardo; Riccaboni, Massimo; Serti, Francesco
Insumos importados y demanda de mano de obra calificada en África 1-gen-2022 Acquah, Esther; Adu, George; Serti, Francesco
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