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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A Framework for Control, State Estimation, Fault Detection, and Verification of Hybrid Systems 1-gen-1999 Morari, M; Bemporad, A; Mignone, D
A game-theoretic approach to transportation network analysis 1-gen-2017 Gnecco, G; Hadas, Y; Sanguineti, M
A generalisation of the Hillerborg's model for the analytical evaluation of ductility of RC beams in bending 1-gen-2010 Cadamuro, E; Carpinteri, A; Paggi, M
A generalized dimensional analysis approach to fatigue crack growth 1-gen-2009 Ciavarella, M; Paggi, M.; Carpinteri, A
A generalized electric model for mono and polycrystalline silicon in the presence of cracks and random defects 1-gen-2014 Berardone, I; Corrado, M; Paggi, M
A generalized preferential attachment model for business firms growth rates I. Empirical evidence RID D-4102-2009 1-gen-2007 Pammolli, F; Fu, D; Buldyrev, Sv; Riccaboni, M; Matia, K; Yamasaki, K; Stanley, He
A generalized preferential attachment model for business firms growth rates II. Mathematical treatment RID D-4102-2009 1-gen-2007 Buldyrev, Sv; Pammolli, F; Riccaboni, M; Yamasaki, K; Fu, Df; Matia, K; Stanley, He
A Generalized Stochastic Knapsack Problem with Application in Call Admission Control 1-gen-2011 Cello, M; Gnecco, G; Marchese, M; Sanguineti, M
A generalized telegraph process with velocity driven by random trials 1-gen-2013 Crimaldi, I; Di Crescenzo, A; Iuliano, A; Martinucci, B
A geometric algorithm for multi-parametric linear programming 1-gen-2003 Borrelli, F.; Bemporad, A.; Morari, M.
A geometric View of the Term Structure of Interest Rates, Cattedra Galileiana 2000 (Lecture notes written by Irene Crimaldi), pp. vi+68 1-gen-2001 Crimaldi, I
A global/local approach for the prediction of the electric response of cracked solar cells in photovoltaic modules under the action of mechanical loads 1-gen-2016 Paggi, M; Corrado, M; Berardone, I
A goal model for collective adaptive systems 1-gen-2014 Bucchiarone, A.; Mezzina, C; Raik, H.
A greedy approach to identification of piecewise affine models 1-gen-2004 Bemporad, A.; Garulli, A.; Paoletti, S.; Vicino, A.
“A Hidden Hapax Legomenon in Avicenna’s Metaphysics: Considerations on the Use of Anniyya and Ayyiyya in the Ilāhiyyāt of the Kitāb al-Šifāʿ” 1-gen-2012 Bertolacci, A
A hierarchical approach to adaptive disturbance attenuation combining switching and tuning 1-gen-2014 Battistelli, G.; Mari, D.; Selvi, D.; Tesi, A.; Tesi, P.
A hierarchical consensus method for the approximation of the consensus state, based on clustering and spectral graph theory 1-gen-2016 Morisi, R; Bemporad, Alberto; Gnecco, GIORGIO STEFANO
A high resolution MRI study of regional cortical thickness in professional racing and naïve drivers 1-gen-2010 Bernardi, G; Sani, L; Ricciardi, E; Reithler, J; Papasogli, A; Ceccarelli, R; Franzoni, F; Santoro, G; Goebel, R; Pietrini, P
A high-continuity multi-scale static and dynamic modelling of periodic materials 1-gen-2012 Bacigalupo, Andrea; Gambarotta, Luigi
A Homage to Martin Wirsing. Software, Services, and Systems 1-gen-2015 De Nicola, R; Hennicker, R
Mostrati risultati da 61 a 80 di 4.054
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