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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A hierarchical approach to adaptive disturbance attenuation combining switching and tuning 1-gen-2014 Battistelli, G.; Mari, D.; Selvi, D.; Tesi, A.; Tesi, P.
Adaptive predictive control for pipelined multiprocessor image-based control systems considering workload variations 1-gen-2020 Mohamed, S.; Saraf, N.; Bernardini, D.; Goswami, D.; Basten, T.; Bemporad, A.
Backward Invariance for Linear Differential Algebraic Equations 1-gen-2019 Tognazzi, S.; Tribastone, M.; Tschaikowski, M.; Vandin, A.
Computation and approximation of piecewise affine control laws via binary search trees 1-gen-2002 Tondel, P.; Johansen, T. A.; Bemporad, A.
Constraint fulfillment in control systems via predictive reference management 1-gen-1994 Bemporad, A.; Mosca, E.
Direct data-driven design of neural reference governors 1-gen-2020 Masti, D.; Breschi, V.; Formentin, S.; Bemporad, A.
The explicit solution of constrained LP-based receding horizon control 1-gen-2000 Bemporad, A.; Borrelli, F.; Morari, M.
Kernelized Identification of Linear Parameter-Varying Models with Linear Fractional Representation 1-gen-2019 Mejari, Manas Dilip; Piga, Dario; Toth, R; Bemporad, A.
Learning explicit binary warm starts for mixed-integer programming 1-gen-2019 Masti, D.; Bemporad, A.
Learning nonlinear feedback controllers from data via optimal policy search and stochastic gradient descent 1-gen-2020 Ferrarotti, L.; Bemporad, A.
Maximum-a-posteriori estimation of jump Box-Jenkins models 1-gen-2020 Breschi, V.; Piga, D.; Bemporad, A.
An MIQP-based heuristic for Optimal Coordination of Vehicles at Intersections 1-gen-2018 Hult, Robert; Zanon, Mario; Gros, Sebastien; Falcone, Paolo
NAW-NET: Neural anti-windup control for saturated nonlinear systems 1-gen-2020 Breschi, V.; Masti, D.; Formentin, S.; Bemporad, A.
On the Resource Allocation Problem in Wireless Networked Control Systems 1-gen-2017 Charalambous, Themistoklis; Ozcelikkale, Ayca; Zanon, Mario; Falcone, Paolo; Wymeersch, Henk
A Parallel Decomposition Scheme for Solving Long-Horizon Optimal Control Problems 1-gen-2019 Shin, Sungho; Faulwasser, Timm; Zanon, Mario; Zavala, Victor M.
PID Control of Biochemical Reaction Networks 1-gen-2019 Whitby, M.; Cardelli, L.; Kwiatkowska, M.; Laurenti, L.; Tribastone, M.; Tschaikowski, M.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 16 di 16
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