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Rivelazione delle Preferenze, Determinanti Sociali dell'Utilità e Rilevanza dei Dati Soggettivi 1-gen-2007 Bilancini, E.
A Comment On Gintis's "The Dynamics of General Equilibrium" 1-gen-2008 Bilancini, E.; F, Petri
Imprimitivity in Decomposable Economies 1-gen-2008 Bilancini, E.
Ordinal Vs Cardinal Status: Two Examples 1-gen-2008 Bilancini, E.; L, Boncinelli
Functional Distribution, Land Ownership and Industrial Takeoff: The Role of Effective Demand 1-gen-2008 Bilancini, E.; S, D'Alessandro
The Co-Evolution of Cooperation and Defection Under Local Interaction and Endogenous Network Formation 1-gen-2009 Bilancini, E.; L, Boncinelli
Distribution of Agricultural Surplus and Industrial Takeoff 1-gen-2009 Bilancini, E.; S, D'Alessandro
Preferences and normal goods: An easy-to-check necessary and sufficient condition 1-gen-2010 Bilancini, E.; Boncinelli, L.
Single-valuedness of the demand correspondence and strict convexity of preferences: An equivalence result 1-gen-2010 Bilancini, E.; Boncinelli, L.
If not only GDP, what else? Using relational goods to predict the trends of subjective well-being 1-gen-2010 Bilancini, E.; Bartolini, S.
Agricultural Institutions, Industrialization and Growth: The Case of New Zealand and Uruguay in 1870-1940 1-gen-2011 Alvarez, J.; Bilancini, E.; D'Alessandro, S.; Porcile, G.
On the Rationalizability of Observed Consumers’ Choices when Preferences Depend on Budget Sets and (Potentially) on Anything Else 1-gen-2011 Bilancini, E.
The desirability of pay-as-you-go pensions when relative consumption matters and returns are stochastic 1-gen-2012 Bilancini, E.; D'Antoni, M.
Redistribution and the Notion of Social Status 1-gen-2012 Bilancini, E.; Boncinelli, L.
Long-run welfare under externalities in consumption, leisure, and production: A case for happy degrowth vs. unhappy growth 1-gen-2012 Bilancini, E.; D'Alessandro, S.
Disclosure of information in matching markets with non-transferable utility 1-gen-2013 Bilancini, Ennio; Boncinelli, Leonardo
Did the Decline in Social Connections Depress Americans’ Happiness? 1-gen-2013 Bartolini, S.; Bilancini, E.; Pugno, M.
Predicting the Trend of Well-Being in Germany: How Much Do Comparisons, Adaptation and Sociability Matter? 1-gen-2013 Bartolini, S.; Bilancini, E.; Sarracino, F.
Game Theory 1-gen-2014 Bilancini, E.; Boncinelli, L.
Instrumental cardinal concerns for social status in two-sided matching with non-transferable utility 1-gen-2014 Bilancini, Ennio; Boncinelli, Leonardo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 60
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