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Numerical solutions for some axisymmetric elastic micropolar orthotropic bodies 1-gen-2008 Taliercio, A.; Veber, D.; Mola, A.
Fluid-structure interaction problems in free surface flows: Application to boat dynamics 1-gen-2008 Formaggia, L.; Miglio, E.; Mola, A.; Parolini, N.
A three-dimensional model for the dynamics and hydrodynamics of rowing boats 1-gen-2010 Formaggia, L.; Mola, A.; Parolini, N.; Pischiutta, M.
Multi-physics modelling and sensitivity analysis of olympic rowing boat dynamics 1-gen-2011 Mola, A.; Ghommem, M.; Hajj, M.
A stable and adaptive semi-Lagrangian potential model for unsteady and nonlinear ship-wave interactions 1-gen-2013 Mola, A.; Heltai, L.; Desimone, A.
FEM SUPG stabilisation of mixed isoparametric BEMs: Application to linearised free surface flows 1-gen-2015 Giuliani, N.; Mola, A.; Heltai, L.; Formaggia, L.
Ship sinkage and trim predictions based on a CAD interfaced fully nonlinear potential model 1-gen-2016 Mola, A.; Heltai, L.; De Simone, A.
POD-Galerkin reduced order methods for CFD using Finite Volume Discretisation: Vortex shedding around a circular cylinder 1-gen-2017 Stabile, G.; Hijazi, S.; Mola, A.; Lorenzi, S.; Rozza, G.
Wet and dry transom stern treatment for unsteady and nonlinear potential flow model for naval hydrodynamics simulations 1-gen-2017 Mola, A.; Heltai, L.; De Simone, A.
An efficient shape parametrisation by free-form deformation enhanced by active subspace for hull hydrodynamic ship design problems in open source environment 1-gen-2018 Demo, N.; Tezzele, M.; Mola, A.; Rozza, G.
Curvature-adapted remeshing of CAD surfaces 1-gen-2018 Dassi, F.; Mola, A.; Si, H.
Model order reduction by means of active subspaces and dynamic mode decomposition for parametric hull shape design hydrodynamics 1-gen-2018 Tezzele, M.; Demo, N.; Gadalla, M.; Mola, A.; Rozza, G.
Dimension reduction in heterogeneous parametric spaces with application to naval engineering shape design problems 1-gen-2018 Tezzele, M.; Salmoiraghi, F.; Mola, A.; Rozza, G.
π-BEM: A flexible parallel implementation for adaptive, geometry aware, and high order boundary element methods 1-gen-2018 Giuliani, N.; Mola, A.; Heltai, L.
VIV analysis of a single elastically-mounted 2D cylinder: Parameter Identification of a single-degree-of-freedom multi-frequency model 1-gen-2018 Pigazzini, R.; Contento, G.; Martini, S.; Puzzer, T.; Morgut, M.; Mola, A.
Efficient reduction in shape parameter space dimension for ship propeller blade design 1-gen-2019 Mola, A.; Tezzele, M.; Gadalla, M.; Valdenazzi, F.; Grassi, D.; Padovan, R.; Rozza, G.
A complete data-driven framework for the efficient solution of parametric shape design and optimisation in naval engineering problems 1-gen-2019 Demo, N.; Tezzele, M.; Mola, A.; Rozza, G.
Enhancing CFD predictions in shape design problems by model and parameter space reduction 1-gen-2020 Tezzele, M.; Demo, N.; Stabile, G.; Mola, A.; Rozza, G.
Data-driven POD-Galerkin reduced order model for turbulent flows 1-gen-2020 Hijazi, S.; Stabile, G.; Mola, A.; Rozza, G.
Non-intrusive polynomial chaos method applied to full-order and reduced problems in computational fluid dynamics: A comparison and perspectives 1-gen-2020 Hijazi, S.; Stabile, G.; Mola, A.; Rozza, G.
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