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Boronophenylalanine uptake in C6 glioma model is dramatically increased by L-DOPA preloading 1-gen-2009 Capuani, S; Gili, T; Bozzali, M; Russo, S; Porcari, P; Cametti, C; Muolo, M; D'Amore, E; Maraviglia, B; Lazzarino, G; Pastore, Fs
TOPEM: a Multimodality Probe (PET TOF, MRI, and MRS) for Diagnosis and Follow Up of Prostate Cancer 1-gen-2010 Garibaldi, F; De Leo, R; Ranieri, A; Loddo, F; Floresta, M; Tamma, C; Gabrielli, Andrea; Giorgi, F; Cusanno, F; Musico, P; Perrino, R; Finocchiaro, P; Cosentino, L; Pappalardo, A; Meddi, F; Maraviglia, B; Giove, F; Gili, T; Capuani, S; Turisin, M; Clinthorne, N; Huh, S; Majewski, S; Lucentini, M; Gricia, M; Giuliani, F; Monno, E
Hemocompatibility of carotid artery stents: Alterations of the electrical parameters of erythrocyte cell membrane-A word of caution 1-gen-2010 Basoli, A; Cametti, C; Faraglia, V; Gili, T; Rizzo, L; Taurino, M
Regional brain atrophy and functional disconnection across Alzheimer's disease evolution 1-gen-2011 Gili, T; Cercignani, M; Serra, L; Perri, R; Giove, F; Maraviglia, B; Caltagirone, C; Bozzali, M
Anatomical connectivity mapping: A new tool to assess brain disconnection in Alzheimer's disease 1-gen-2011 Bozzali, M; Parker, Gjm; Serra, L; Embleton, K; Gili, T; Perri, R; Caltagirone, C; Cercignani, M
Modeling the contribution of neuron-astrocyte cross talk to slow blood oxygenation level-dependent signal oscillations 1-gen-2011 Dinuzzo, M; Gili, T; Maraviglia, B; Giove, F
Endogenous brain oscillations during sedation: initial results of a magnetoencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging study 1-gen-2012 Saxena, N; Diukova, A; Venzi, M; Gili, T; Huckle, D; Bell, S; Wise, Rg; Hall, Je
The Thalamus and Brainstem Act As Key Hubs in Alterations of Human Brain Network Connectivity Induced by Mild Propofol Sedation 1-gen-2013 Gili, T; Saxena, N; Diukova, A; Murphy, K; Hall, Je; Wise, Rg
Unraveling predictors affecting compliance to MRI in Parkinson's disease 1-gen-2015 Cacciari, C; Pellicano, C; Cravello, L; Assogna, F; Piras, F; Paravia, P; Gili, T; Iorio, M; Stefani, A; Pierantozzi, M; Caltagirone, C; Pontieri, Fe; Spalletta, G
Intrinsic Patterns of Coupling between Correlation and Amplitude of Low-Frequency fMRI Fluctuations Are Disrupted in Degenerative Dementia Mainly due to Functional Disconnection 1-gen-2015 Mascali, D; Dinuzzo, M; Gili, T; Moraschi, M; Fratini, M; Maraviglia, B; Serra, L; Bozzali, M; Giove, F
Bilateral Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Language Treatment Enhances Functional Connectivity in the Left Hemisphere: Preliminary Data from Aphasia 1-gen-2016 Marangolo, P; Fiori, V; Sabatini, U; De Pasquale, G; Razzano, C; Caltagirone, C; Gili, T
Organization and hierarchy of the human functional brain network lead to a chain-like core 1-gen-2017 Mastrandrea, R; Gabrielli, A; Piras, F; Spalletta, G; Caldarelli, G; Gili, T
Modafinil-Induced Changes in Functional Connectivity in the Cortex and Cerebellum of Healthy Elderly Subjects. 1-gen-2017 Punzi, M; Gili, T; Petrosini, L; Caltagirone, C; Spalletta, G; Sensi, Sl.
Task-Related Modulations of BOLD Low-Frequency Fluctuations within the Default Mode Network. 1-gen-2017 Tommasin, S; Mascali, D; Gili, T; Assan, Ie; Moraschi, M; Fratini, M; Wise, Rg; Macaluso, E; Mangia, S; Giove, F
Right sensory-motor functional networks subserve action observation therapy in aphasia 1-gen-2017 Gili, T; Fiori, V; De Pasquale, G; Sabatini, U; Caltagirone, C; Marangolo, P
Moving Beyond the Brain: Transcutaneous Spinal Direct Current Stimulation in Post-Stroke Aphasia 1-gen-2017 Marangolo, P; Fiori, V; Shofany, J; Gili, T; Caltagirone, C; Cucuzza, G; Priori, A
Scale-invariant rearrangement of resting state networks in the human brain under sustained stimulation 1-gen-2018 Tommasin, S.; Mascali, D.; Moraschi, M.; Gili, T.; Hassan, I. E.; Fratini, M.; Dinuzzo, M.; Wise, R. G.; Mangia, S.; Macaluso, E.; Giove, F.
Metastable states of multiscale brain networks are keys to crack the timing problem 1-gen-2018 Gili, T.; Ciullo, V.; Spalletta, G.
Complexity in Neural and Financial Systems: From Time-Series to Networks 1-gen-2018 Squartini, T; Gabrielli, A; Garlaschelli, D; Gili, T; Bifone, A; Caccioli, F
Brain morphometry: Schizophrenia 1-gen-2018 Chiapponi, C.; De Rossi, P.; Piras, F.; Gili, T.; Spalletta, G.
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