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Trustworthy Opportunistic Access to the Internet of Services 1-gen-2013 Armando, Alessandro; Castiglione, Aniello; Costa, Gabriele; Fiore, Ugo; Merlo, Alessio; Verderame, Luca; You, Ilsun
Securing the ``Bring Your Own Device'' Paradigm 1-gen-2014 Armando, Alessandro; Costa, Gabriele; Verderame, Luca; Merlo, Alessio
Enabling BYOD through secure meta-market 1-gen-2014 Armando, Alessandro; Costa, Gabriele; Merlo, Alessio; Verderame, Luca
Mobile App Security Analysis with the MAVeriC Static Analysis Module 1-gen-2014 Armando, A.; Bocci, G.; Chiarelli, G.; Costa, G.; De Maglie, G.; Mammoliti, R.; Merlo, A.
Multi-dimensional Secure Service Orchestration 1-gen-2014 Costa, G.; Martinelli, F.; Yautsiukhin, A.
Formal modeling and automatic enforcement of Bring Your Own Device policies 1-gen-2014 Armando, A.; Costa, G.; Merlo, A.; Verderame, L.
Mobile app security assessment with the maveric dynamic analysis module 1-gen-2015 Armando, Alessandro; Bocci, Gianluca; Costa, Gabriele; Mammoliti, Rocco; Merlo, Alessio; Ranise, Silvio; Traverso, Riccardo; Valenza, Andrea
Securing android with local policies 1-gen-2015 Costa, G.
Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems - 21st International Conference, TACAS 2015 held as part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2015, Proceedings 1-gen-2015 Armando, Alessandro; Bocci, Gianluca; Chiarelli, Giantonio; Costa, Gabriele; De Maglie, Gabriele; Mammoliti, Rocco; Merlo, Alessio
Android Permissions Unleashed 1-gen-2015 Armando, Alessandro; Carbone, Roberto; Costa, Gabriele; Merlo, Alessio
FLEX: A flexible code authentication framework for delegating mobile app customization 1-gen-2016 Costa, Gabriele; Gasti, Paolo; Merlo, Alessio; Yu, Shunt-Hsi
Android vs. SEAndroid: An empirical assessment 1-gen-2016 Merlo, Alessio; Costa, Gabriele; Verderame, Luca; Armando, Alessandro
Developing a NATO BYOD security policy 1-gen-2016 Armando, Alessandro; Costa, Gabriele; Merlo, Alessio; Verderame, Luca; Wrona, Konrad
Strong authentication for e-banking: A survey on european regulations and implementations 1-gen-2017 Sinigaglia, F; Carbone, R; Costa, G
PolEnA: Enforcing fine-grained permission policies in android 1-gen-2017 Costa, G; Sinigaglia, F; Carbone, R
From Natural Projection to Partial Model Checking and Back 1-gen-2018 Costa, G; Basin, D; Bodei, C; Degano, P; Galletta, L
Automatic security verification of mobile app configurations 1-gen-2018 Costa, Gabriele; Merlo, Alessio; Verderame, Luca; Armando, Alessandro
Scenario design and validation for next generation cyber ranges 1-gen-2018 Russo, E.; Costa, G.; Armando, A.
Software security: The language approach 1-gen-2019 Costa, G.; Degano, P.; Galletta, L.
Private-Yet-Verifiable Contact Tracing 1-gen-2020 Canidio, Andrea; Costa, Gabriele; Galletta, Letterio
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 51
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