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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A Classification method for eye movements direction during REM sleep trained on wake electro-oculographic recordings 1-gen-2015 Betta, M; Laurino, M; Gemignani, A; Landi, A; Menicucci, M
A cohesive crack model coupled with damage for interface fatigue problems 1-gen-2012 Gong, B; Paggi, M; Carpinteri, A
A Combined ERPs and fMRI Approach to Investigate the Neural Correlates of Reading in the Human Brain 1-gen-2006 Casarotto, S.; Bianchi, A. M.; Cerutti, S.; Vanello, N.; Ricciardi, E; Gentili, C.; Sani, L.; Bonino, D.; Guazzelli, M.; Pietrini, P.; Landini, L.; Chiarenza, G. A.
A Community of Translators: The Latin Medieval Versions of Avicenna’s Book of the Cure 1-gen-2011 Bertolacci, A
A Comparative Perspective on the Discourses of Privatization in the Arts and Heritage Field in Turkey 1-gen-2015 Tonga, Y; Gursu, M I
A comparison between fixed-basis and variable-basis schemes for function approximation and functional optimization 1-gen-2012 Gnecco, G
A comparison of the mechanical behavior of microscopical contact models 1-gen-2002 Zavarise, G; BORRI-BRUNETTO, M; Paggi, M.
A comparison of US and European university-industry relations in the life sciences RID D-4102-2009 RID B-5991-2008 1-gen-2002 Owen-Smith, J; Riccaboni, M; Pammolli, F; Powell, Ww
A compatible electrocutaneous display for functional magnetic resonance imaging application 1-gen-2006 Hartwig, V; Cappelli, C; Vanello, N; Ricciardi, E; Scilingo, Ep; Giovannetti, G; Santarelli, Mf; Positano, V; Pietrini, P; Landini, L; Bicchi, A
A Complete Set of Axioms for a Theory of Communicating Sequential Processes 1-gen-1983 De Nicola, R
A Completeness Theorem for Nondeterministic Kleene Algebras. 1-gen-1994 De Nicola, R; Labella, A
A compression algorithm for real-time distributed nonlinear MPC 1-gen-2015 Quirynen, R; Zanon, M; Kozma, A; Diehl, M
A computational approach to steady-state convergence of fluid limits for Coxian queuing networks with abandonment 1-gen-2017 Tribastone, M; Tschaikowski, M
A computational framework for the interplay between delamination and wrinkling in functionally graded thermal barrier coatings 1-gen-2016 Reinoso, J; Paggi, M; Rolfes, R
A computational homogenization approach for a three-level hierarchical composite material 1-gen-2010 Paggi, M.; Wriggers, P.
A conceptual framework for collective adaptive systems 1-gen-2013 Bucchiarone, A.; Marconi, A.; Mezzina, C.; Pistore, M.
A Concurrent SOM-Based Chan-Vese Model for Image Segmentation 1-gen-2014 Abdelsamea, M M; Gnecco, G; Gaber, M M
A consistent interface element formulation for geometrical and material nonlinearities 1-gen-2014 Reinoso, J; Paggi, M
A context-oriented extension of F# 1-gen-2015 Canciani, A.; Degano, P.; Ferrari, G. L.; Galletta, L.
A control Lyapunov approach to predictive control of hybrid systems 1-gen-2008 DI CAIRANO, S.; Lazar, M.; Bemporad, A.; Heemels, W. P. M. H.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 4.757
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