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Covid19/IT the digital side of Covid19: A picture from Italy with clustering and taxonomy 1-gen-2022 Bonnici, Vincenzo; Cicceri, Giovanni; Distefano, Salvatore; Galletta, Letterio; Polignano, Marco; Scaffidi, Carlo
Crack arrest through branching at curved weak interfaces: An experimental and numerical study 1-gen-2020 Aranda, M. T.; Garcia, I. G.; Reinoso, J.; Mantic, V.; Paggi, M.
Crack patterns in heterogenous rocks using a combined phase field-cohesive interface modeling approach: A numerical study 1-gen-2019 Reinoso, J.; Durand, P.; Budarapu, P. R.; Paggi, M.
Crack propagation in honeycomb cellular materials: A computational approach 1-gen-2012 Paggi, M
Credit Default Swaps networks and systemic risk 1-gen-2014 Puliga, M; Caldarelli, G; Battiston, S
Critica d'arte e secolo breve (questo) 1-gen-2021 Pellegrini, Emanuele
Critical behaviour in the fracture of disordered media 1-gen-1999 Caldarelli, G.; Castellano, C.; Petri, A.
Criticality in models for fracture in disordered media RID B-6946-2008 1-gen-1999 Caldarelli, G; Castellano, C; Petri, A
Cross-participant prediction of vigilance stages through the combined use of wPLI and wSMI EEG functional connectivity metrics 1-gen-2021 Imperatori, Laura Sophie; Cataldi, Jacinthe; Betta, Monica; Ricciardi, Emiliano; A Ince, Robin A; Siclari, Francesca; Bernardi, Giulio
Crowded trades, market clustering, and price instability 1-gen-2021 van Kralingen, M.; Garlaschelli, D.; Scholtus, K.; van Lelyveld, I.
Cryptotokens and cryptocurrencies: the extensive margin 1-gen-2020 Canidio, Andrea
La cultura e i "media" 1-gen-2005 Casini, L.
Cultural Heritage and Digital Technologies. Theory, methods and tools for the study and dissemination of knowledge in the archaeological practice 1-gen-2016 Olivito, R.; Taccola, E.; Albertini, N.
Cultural Sites between Nationhood and Mankind 1-gen-2018 Casini, Lorenzo
Current-voltage characteristics of silicon based solar cells in the presence of cracks: MD simulations 1-gen-2021 S Varma Siruvuri, S D V S; R Budarapu, P; Paggi, M
Curvature-adapted remeshing of CAD surfaces 1-gen-2018 Dassi, F.; Mola, A.; Si, H.
Curved structures in recurrence plots: The role of the sampling time 1-gen-2007 Facchini, A; Kantz, H
Cusp-catastrophe interpretation of the stick-slip behaviour of rough surfaces 1-gen-2009 Carpinteri, A; Paggi, M; Zavarise, G
Cut as a device: an example from Classical Antiquity 1-gen-2021 Catoni, MARIA LUISA
Cybersecurity Assessment of the Polar Bluetooth Low Energy Heart-Rate Sensor 1-gen-2019 Soderi, S.
Mostrati risultati da 876 a 895 di 4.054
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