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Face processing in congenitally deaf signers as revealed by fast periodic visual stimulation 1-gen-2018 Bednaya, Evgenia; Bottari, D.; Dormal, G.; Villwock, A.; Dzhelyova, M.; Grin, K.; Pietrini, P.; Ricciardi, E.; Rossion, B.; Röder, B.
Facebook and the Real World: Correlations between Online and Offline Conversations 1-gen-2015 Celli, Fabio; Polonio, Luca
Facial expression representation in the superior temporal sulcus and in fusiform gyrus: an fMRI study 1-gen-2005 Gobbini, I.; Gentili, C.; Pietrini, P.; Ricciardi, E.; Vanello, N.; Guazzelli, M.; Haxby, J.
Factor Markets, Actors and Affordances 1-gen-2016 Felin, T; Kauffman, S; Mastrogiorgio, A; Mastrogiorgio, M
Failure through crack propagation in components with holes and notches: An experimental assessment of the phase field model 1-gen-2022 Cavuoto, Riccardo; Lenarda, Pietro; Misseroni, Diego; Paggi, Marco; Bigoni, Davide
Fallibilism, verisimilitude, and the Preface Paradox 1-gen-2017 Cevolani, G
Familismo aziendale e mission statement 1-gen-2017 Patuelli, Alessia
Il Family Business Made in Tuscany 1-gen-2016 Anselmi, Luca; Lattanzi, Nicola
Il Family Business Made in Tuscany 1-gen-2016 Anselmi, Luca; Lattanzi, Nicola
Family Business Strategies for Emerging Markets, Territorial Identity and Cooperation with Institution: the Italian Case of Nautical Cluster Coopetition in Tuscany 1-gen-2014 Lattanzi, Nicola; Dal Maso, Lorenzo
Family Business: A Comparative Study between Italian and US Family Firms. A special view on economic cognitive process in a family business context 1-gen-2005 Lattanzi, Nicola; Lazzini, Arianna
Family businesses in Eastern European countries: How informal payments affect exports 1-gen-2015 Bassetti, T; Dal Maso, L; Lattanzi, N
Family Firms Amidst the Global Financial Crisis: A Territorial Embeddedness Perspective on Downsizing 1-gen-2021 Amato, Stefano; Patuelli, Alessia; Basco, Rodrigo; Lattanzi, Nicola
Family ownership and environmental performance: the mediation effect of human resources practices 1-gen-2020 DAL MASO, Lorenzo; Basco, Rodrigo; Bassetti, Thomas; Lattanzi, Nicola
Family-Based Performance Analysis of Variant-Rich Software Systems 1-gen-2014 Kowal, M; Schaefer, I; Tribastone, M
Family-managed firms and Employment Growth during an Economic Downturn: Does their Location Matter? 1-gen-2020 Amato, Stefano; Basco, Rodrigo; GOMEZ-ANSON, Silvia; Lattanzi, Nicola
Family-managed firms and Local Export Spillovers: Evidence From Spanish Manufacturing Firms 1-gen-2020 Amato, Stefano; Basco, Rodrigo; Backman, Mikaela; Lattanzi, Nicola
Farmaci: cancellazione selettiva della memoria, potenziamento cognitivo e potenziamento dell'umore 1-gen-2017 Pietrini, P
Fast and scalable likelihood maximization for Exponential Random Graph Models with local constraints 1-gen-2021 Vallarano, N.; Bruno, M.; Marchese, E.; Trapani, G.; Saracco, F.; Cimini, G.; Zanon, M.; Squartini, T.
Fast Linear Parameter Varying Model Predictive Control of Buck DC-DC Converters Based on FPGA 1-gen-2018 Liu, Z.; Xie, L.; Bemporad, A.; Lu, S.
Mostrati risultati da 1.394 a 1.413 di 4.065
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