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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Hayek in the lab. Austrian School, game theory, and experimental economics 1-gen-2011 Cevolani, G
Health services in an open translatlantic market: a European perspective 1-gen-2007 Bonassi, C; Pammolli, F; Riccaboni, M
Hearing again with two ears: recovery of spatial hearing after bilateral cochlear implantation. 1-gen-2009 Nava, E; Bottari, Davide; Portioli, G; Bonfioli, F; BELTRAME M., A; Formigoni, P; Pavani, F
Heart rate variability analysis during muscle fatigue due to prolonged isometric contraction. 1-gen-2017 Guidi, A; Greco, A; Felici, F; Leo, A; Ricciardi, E; Bianchi, M; Bicchi, A; Valenza, G; Scilingo, Ep
Hemocompatibility of carotid artery stents: Alterations of the electrical parameters of erythrocyte cell membrane-A word of caution 1-gen-2010 Basoli, A; Cametti, C; Faraglia, V; Gili, T; Rizzo, L; Taurino, M
Here you can't: context-aware security 1-gen-2014 Bodei, Chiara; Degano, Pierpaolo; Galletta, Letterio; Salvatori, Francesco
Heritage e marketing esperienziale. L’impatto delle tecnologie di comunicazione sulla personalizzazione dell’esperienza del fruitore 1-gen-2015 Rialti, R; Zollo, L; Boccardi, A; Marzi, G
Heterogeneity of regional cerebral glucose metabolic patterns in neuropathologically confirmed Alzheimer's disease 1-gen-1996 Strassburger, T; Alexander, Ge; Brady, Dr; Mangot, D; Pietrini, P; Mentis, M; Schapiro, Mb; Grady, Cl
Heterogeneity, quality, and reputation in an adaptive recommendation model 1-gen-2011 Cimini, G; Medo, M; Zhou, T; Wei, D; Zhang, Y-C
Heterogeneous causal effects with imperfect compliance: a Bayesian machine learning approach 1-gen-2022 Bargagli Stoffi, F; De Witte, K; Gnecco, G
Heterogeneous Firms and the North–South Divide in Italy 1-gen-2019 Rungi, A.; Biancalani, F.
The Hidden Cost of Labor Market Entry During Recession: Unemployment Rate at Entry and Occupational Injury Risk of Young Workers 1-gen-2015 Serti, Francesco
A hidden source? Considerations on Averroes’ recourse to Avicenna’s Madḫal of the Šifāʾ in the Middle Commentary on Porphyry’s Isagoge 1-gen-2018 Di Vincenzo, Silvia
“Hierarchical and decentralised model predictive control of drinking water networks: Application to the Barcelona case study 1-gen-2012 Ocampo-Martinez, C; Barcelli, D; Puig, V; Bemporad, A
Hierarchical and hybrid model predictive control of quadcopter air vehicles 1-gen-2009 Bemporad, A.; Pascucci, C. A.; Rocchi, C.
A hierarchical approach to data-driven LPV control design of constrained systems 1-gen-2019 Piga, D.; Formentin, S.; Toth, R.; Bemporad, A.; Savaresi, S. M.
Hierarchical clustering and matrix completion for the reconstruction of input-output tables 1-gen-2022 Rodolfo, Metulini; Gnecco, Giorgio; Francesco, Biancalani; Riccaboni, Massimo
Hierarchical Clustering Of Independent Components Extracted From fMRI Data 1-gen-2005 N., Vanello; V., Positano; M., Milanesi; M. F., Santarelli; V., Hartwig; Ricciardi, E; L., Landini.
Hierarchical multi-rate control design for constrained linear systems 1-gen-2010 Barcelli, D; Bemporad, A; Ripaccioli, G
Hierarchical organization of functional connectivity in the mouse brain: a complex network approach 1-gen-2016 Bardella, G; Bifone, A; Gabrielli, A; Gozzi, A; Squartini, T
Mostrati risultati da 1.683 a 1.702 di 4.054
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