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How Skill Expertise Shapes the Brain Functional Architecture: An fMRI Study of Visuo-Spatial and Motor Processing in Professional Racing-Car and Naive Drivers 1-gen-2013 Bernardi, Giulio; Ricciardi, Emiliano; Sani, Lorenzo; Gaglianese, Anna; Papasogli, Alessandra; Ceccarelli, Riccardo; Franzoni, Ferdinando; Galetta, Fabio; Santoro, Gino; Goebel, Rainer; Pietrini, Pietro
How the brain heals emotional wounds: the functional neuroanatomy of forgiveness 1-gen-2013 Ricciardi, Emiliano; Rota, Giuseppina; Sani, Lorenzo; Gentili, Claudio; Gaglianese, Anna; Guazzelli, Mario; Pietrini, Pietro
How the brain responds to hurtful events: neural activity elicited by aggressive versus forgiving behavior in humans. 1-gen-2004 Ricciardi, E; Gentili, C; Vanello, N; Sani, L; Guazzelli, M; Pietrini, P
How the interbank market becomes systemically dangerous: an agent-based network model of financial distress propagation 1-gen-2017 Serri, M; Caldarelli, G; Cimini, G
How to believe long conjunctions of beliefs: probability, quasi-dogmatism and contextualism 1-gen-2021 Bonzio, S.; Cevolani, G.; Flaminio, T.
How to build an identity for a cultural institution that inhabits the contemporaneity 1-gen-2016 Tonga, Y
How to Estimate Epidemic Risk from Incomplete Contact Diaries Data? 1-gen-2016 Mastrandrea, R.; Barrat, A.
How to match technological and social innovation: insights from the biomedical 3D printing industry 1-gen-2015 Zollo, Lamberto; Marzi, Giacomo; Boccardi, Andrea; Surchi, Micaela
How to Model Privacy Threats in the Automotive Domain 1-gen-2023 Raciti, M.; Bella, G.
How to organize for Open Innovation from the ground up: a micro-foundations approach in a food service firm 1-gen-2022 Annosi, Maria Carmela; Martini, Antonella; Marzi, Giacomo; Vignoli, Matteo; Parra, Hector
Hull shape design optimization with parameter space and model reductions, and self-learning mesh morphing 1-gen-2021 Demo, N.; Tezzele, M.; Mola, A.; Rozza, G.
The Human Side of Open Innovation Adoption in SMEs: a configurational approach 1-gen-2022 Pellegrini, Massimiliano; Marzi, Giacomo; Fakhar Manesh, Mohammad; Caputo, Andrea; Vlacic, Bozidar
The Human Side of Open Innovation Adoption in SMEs: A Configurational Approach 1-gen-2022 Marzi, Giacomo; Fakhar Manesh, Mohammad; Caputo, Andrea; Pellegrini, Massimiliano; Vlacic, Bozidar
Human V4 responds positively to both positive and negative changes in motion coherence from adapted state: An event-related BOLD-fMRI study 1-gen-2008 Costagli, M; Ueno, K; Sun, P; Wan, Xh; Ricciardi, E; Pietrini, P; Tanaka, K; Cheng, K
A humidity dose-CZM formulation to simulate new end-of-life recycling methods for photovoltaic laminates 1-gen-2022 Liu, Z.; Reinoso, J.; Paggi, M.
Hybrid control lyapunov functions for stabilization of hybrid systems 1-gen-2013 Di Cairano, S; Heemels, W. P. M. H.; Bemporad, A; Lazar, M
Hybrid control of an automotive robotized gearbox for reduction of consumptions and emissions 1-gen-2003 Bemporad, A.; Borodani, P.; Mannelli, M.
Hybrid control of dry clutch engagement 1-gen-2001 Bemporad, A.; Borrelli, F.; Glielmo, L.; Vasca, F.
Hybrid data-driven closure strategies for reduced order modeling 1-gen-2023 Ivagnes, A.; Stabile, G.; Mola, A.; Iliescu, T.; Rozza, G.
Hybrid dynamic optimization for cruise speeed control 1-gen-2011 T., Jorge; J. M., Lemos; M., Barao; Bemporad, A
Mostrati risultati da 1.984 a 2.003 di 4.805
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