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Never Trust Your Victim: Weaponizing Vulnerabilities in Security Scanners 1-gen-2020 Valenza, Andrea; Costa, Gabriele; Armando, Alessandro
A new analytical critical thrust force model for delamination analysis of laminated composites during drilling operation 1-gen-2017 Ojo, So; Ismail, So; Paggi, M; Dhakal, Hn
A new career in a new town. Job search methods and regional mobility of unemployed workers 1-gen-2020 Morescalchi, Andrea
New correlations for the cyclic properties of engineering materials 1-gen-2008 Carpinteri, A; Paggi, M.
A New Dark Age? Truth, Trust, and Environmental Science 1-gen-2022 Gundersen, Torbj(o)rn; Alinejad, Donya; Branch, T. Y.; Duffy, Bobby; Hewlett, Kirstie; Holst, Cathrine; Owens, Susan; Panizza, Folco; Maria Tellmann, Silje; van Dijck, Jos('(e)); Baghramian, Maria
New Developments on the Non-Central Chi-Squared and Beta Distributions 1-gen-2022 Orsi, C.
A new dissipativity condition for asymptotic stability of discounted economic MPC 1-gen-2022 Zanon, Mario; Gros, S??bastien
New energy downstream. Emerging business models and innovative best practices: an economic, institutional, and behavioral focus 1-gen-2022 Rubino, A.; Facchini, A.; Fell, M.; Giulietti, M.; Morone, A.
New Insights into Witsenhausen’s Counterexample 1-gen-2012 Gnecco, G; Sanguineti, M
New light from the dark: what blindness can teach us about brain function 1-gen-2011 Ricciardi, E; Pietrini, P
New light on brain function from the darkness of blindness 1-gen-2008 Pietrini, P
A New Look on Long-COVID Effects: The Functional Brain Fog Syndrome 1-gen-2022 Orfei, Maria Donata; Porcari, Desirée Estela; D'Arcangelo, Sonia; Maggi, Francesca; Russignaga, Dario; Ricciardi, Emiliano
A New Metrics for Countries' Fitmess and Products' Complexity 1-gen-2012 A., Tacchella; M., Cristelli; Caldarelli, G; A., Gabrielli; L., Pietronero
New model for the analysis of size-scale effects on the ductility of reinforced concrete elements in bending 1-gen-2009 Carpinteri, A; Corrado, M; Paggi, M; Mancini, G
New product co-creation through practice-based innovation: a case study 1-gen-2019 CARMELA ANNOSI, Maria; Marzi, Giacomo; Ciampi, Francesco; Rialti, Riccardo
New Product Development during the Last Ten Years: The Ongoing Debate and Future Avenues 1-gen-2021 Marzi, G.; Ciampi, F.; Dalli, D.; Dabic, M.
A new scale to assess technostress levels in an Italian banking context: the Work-Related Technostress Questionnaire 1-gen-2023 Porcari, DESIRè ESTELLA; Ricciardi, Emiliano; Orfei, Maria Donata
A New Source for the Study of Avicenna’s Safavid Reception - MS Cambridge, University Library, Or. 658: A Philosophical Anthology from the School of Iṣfahān? 1-gen-2021 Di Vincenzo, Silvia
New trends in modeling and control of hybrid systems 1-gen-2020 Piga, D.; Bemporad, A.
NF-FF transformation for emissions and security 1-gen-2014 Soderi, S.; Papini, M.; Iinatti, J.; Hamalainen, M.
Mostrati risultati da 2.848 a 2.867 di 4.611
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