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Advised or Paid Way to get it right. The contribution of fact-checking tips and monetary incentives to spotting scientific disinformation 1-gen-2021 Panizza, F.; Ronzani, P.; Mattavelli, S.; Morisseau, T.; Martini, C.; Motterlini, M.
The Maximal Positively Invariant Set: Polynomial Setting 1-gen-2017 Raković, Saša V.; Villanueva, Mario E.
Interval Superposition Arithmetic 1-gen-2016 Zha, Yanlin; Villanueva, Mario E.; Houska, Boris
Production Networks 1-gen-2016 Huremovic, Kenan; Fernando, Vega-Redondo
Workplace Skills as Regional Capabilities: Relatedness, Complexity and Industrial Diversification of Regions 1-gen-2022 Buyukyazici, Duygu; Mazzoni, Leonardo; Riccaboni, Massimo; Serti, Francesco
The emergence of social soft skill needs in the post Covid-19 era 1-gen-2022 Gnecco, GIORGIO STEFANO; Landi, Sara; Riccaboni, Massimo
Auctions with Tokens 1-gen-2022 Canidio, Andrea
The Effect of Short-Term Rentals on Local Consumption Amenities: Evidence from Madrid 1-gen-2022 Hidalgo, Alberto; Riccaboni, Massimo; Velazquez, F. J.
The “Avicennian Pandemic” in Context: Insights into the Spread of Avicenna’s Logic in the Islamicate World In corso di stampa Di Vincenzo, Silvia
Avicenna’s Theory of Universal Predicables at the Crossroads of Logic and Metaphysics: Greek Sources and Arabic Innovations In corso di stampa Di Vincenzo, Silvia
Private-Yet-Verifiable Contact Tracing 1-gen-2020 Canidio, Andrea; Costa, Gabriele; Galletta, Letterio
Uncovering the role of product innovation in the relation between firm size and growth 1-gen-2020 Morescalchi, Andrea; Pammolli, Fabio; Riccaboni, Massimo; Tortolini, Valentina
Cryptotokens and cryptocurrencies: the extensive margin 1-gen-2020 Canidio, Andrea
Evaluation of industrial wireless communications systems’ security 1-gen-2016 Soderi, Simone
Talents from Abroad. Foreign Managers and Productivity in the United Kingdom. 1-gen-2019 Exadaktylos, Dimitrios; Riccaboni, Massimo; Rungi, Armando
Machine Learning for Zombie Hunting. Firms' Failures and Financial Constraints. 1-gen-2020 Bargagli Stoffi, Falco Joannes; Riccaboni, Massimo; Rungi, Armando
Production and Financial Networks in Interplay: Crisis Evidence from Supplier-Customer and Credit Registers 1-gen-2020 Huremovic, Kenan; Jiménez, Gabriel; Moral-Benito, Enrique; Luis Peydró, Jose; Vega-Redondo, Fernando
The value of public information in vertically differentiated markets 1-gen-2019 Canidio, Andrea; Gall, Thomas
Benevolent mediation in the shadow of conflict 1-gen-2018 Canidio, Andrea; Joan, Esteban
Optimal Political Institutions in the Shadow of Conflict. 1-gen-2020 Canidio, Andrea; Esteban, Joan
Prodotti della tipologia (ordinati per Data di deposito in Decrescente ordine): 1 a 20 di 25
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  • Canidio, Andrea7
  • Huremovic, Kenan5
  • Di Vincenzo, Silvia2
  • Fernando Vega-Redondo2
  • Joan Esteban2
  • Bargagli Stoffi, Falco Joannes1
  • Boris Houska1
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