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Extraction and synchronization of BOLD spontaneous oscillations using singular spectrum analysis 1-gen-2009 Menicucci, D.; Gemignani, A.; Piarulli, A.; Bedini, R.; Gentili, C.; Handjaras, G.; Danti, S.; Guazzelli, M.; Laurino, M.; Piaggi, P.; Landi, A.
Cholinergic Effects in Visual Areas during Object and Spatial Working Memory Encoding: an fMRI study 1-gen-2010 Handjaras, G; Ricciardi, E; Haxby, Jv; Pietrini, P; Furey, Ml
fMRI functional and effective connectivity in humans supports a direct pathway from Thalamus to hMT+ 1-gen-2010 Gaglianese, Anna; Sani, Lorenzo; Roebroeck, A; Handjaras, Giacomo; Bernardi, Giulio; Costagli, Mauro; Ricciardi, Emiliano; Pietrini, Pietro
Cholinergic Enhancement Modulates Neural Activity on Large Scale Representations of Faces and Houses 1-gen-2011 Handjaras, G; Ricciardi, E; Haxby, Jv; Pietrini, P; Furey, Ml
Behavioral and Brain Effects of Cholinergic Enhancement of Selective Attention to Faces and Houses 1-gen-2011 Ricciardi, E; Pietrini, P; Handjaras, G; Szczepanik, J; Haxby, Jv; Furey, Ml
Modality-indipendent Classification of Action Feature in the Human Brain 1-gen-2011 Handjaras, Giacomo; Bernardi, Giulio; Ricciardi, Emiliano; Pietrini, Pietro
Reorganization of functional and effective connectivity during real-time fMRI-BCI modulation of prosody processing 1-gen-2011 Rota, G.; Handjaras, G.; Sitaram, R.; Birbaumer, N.; Dogil, G.
Adaptive filtering for removing nonstationary physiological noise from resting state fMRI BOLD signals 1-gen-2011 Piaggi, P.; Menicucci, D.; Gentili, C.; Handjaras, G.; Laurino, M.; Piarulli, A.; Guazzelli, M.; Gemignani, A.; Landi, A.
Increased BOLD variability and functional connectivity changes in congenitally blind individuals 1-gen-2012 Leo, Andrea; Bernardi, Giulio; Handjaras, Giacomo; Ricciardi, Emiliano; Pietrini, Pietro
Spatial processing in the human dorsal pathway relies on supramodal functional connectivity maps 1-gen-2012 Cecchetti, Luca; Handjaras, Giacomo; Bernardi, Giulio; Bonino, Daniela; Ricciardi, Emiliano; Pietrini, Pietro
Ventral and Dorsal Stream Dissociation During Action Recognition in the Human Brain 1-gen-2012 Handjaras, G; Bernardi, G; Benuzzi, F; Zucchelli, M; Nichelli, P; Pietrini, P; Ricciardi, E
Cholinergic enhancement modulates regional functional connectivity during a selective attention task 1-gen-2012 Ricciardi, Emiliano; Handjaras, Giacomo; Bernardi, Giulio; Pietrini, Pietro; Furey, M.
Brain modeling of noun representations in sighted and blind individuals 1-gen-2012 Handjaras, G.; Ricciardi, E.; Lenci, A.; Leo, A.; Cecchetti, L.; Marotta, G.; Pietrini, P.
Expertise modulates brain activity during passive driving: a study in professional and naïve drivers 1-gen-2012 Bernardi, G; Ricciardi, E; Handjaras, G; Gaglianese, A; Sani, L; Papasogli, A; Ceccarelli, R; Franzoni, F; Galetta, F; Santoro, G; Goebel, R; Pietrini, P; Bernardi, Giulio
Increased BOLD Variability in the Parietal Cortex and Enhanced Parieto-Occipital Connectivity during Tactile Perception in Congenitally Blind Individuals 1-gen-2012 Leo, Andrea; Bernardi, Giulio; Handjaras, Giacomo; Bonino, Daniela; Ricciardi, Emiliano; Pietrini, Pietro
Il ruolo dell'esperienza sensoriale nelle rappresentazioni semantiche 1-gen-2013 Leo, A; Handjaras, G; Rampinini, ALESSANDRA CECILIA; Ricciardi, E; Pietrini, P
Beyond motor scheme: a supramodal distributed representation in the action-observation network. 1-gen-2013 Ricciardi, E; Handjaras, G; Bonino, D; Vecchi, T; Fadiga, L; Pietrini, P
Cholinergic enhancement differentially modulates neural response to encoding during face identity and face location working memory tasks. 1-gen-2013 Handjaras, G; Ricciardi, E; Szczepanik, J; Pietrini, P; Furey, Ml
The effects of visual control and distance in modulating peripersonal spatial representation 1-gen-2013 Renzi, C; Ricciardi, E; Bonino, D; Handjaras, G; Vecchi, T; Pietrini, P
Adaptive filtering and random variables coefficient for analyzing functional magnetic resonance imaging data 1-gen-2013 Piaggi, P.; Menicucci, D.; Gentili, C.; Handjaras, G.; Gemignani, A.; Landi, A.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 58
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